Wednesday, September 10, 2008

flunked out of school

DOG: 4M93 - Roman M\LAB\Yellow - TRN\REL
DISPOSITION: To be Determined

SUMMARY: Roman is a personable dog with many endearing qualities. He requires average handling for control, especially around other dogs. Roman has been very healthy, and is currently eating 2 cups Science Diet Lamb & Rice twice a day.
Roman made a very slow adjustment to kennel life. He was initially uneasy with the various sights, sounds and activities of this environment. For example, he showed concern with some noises and with being in the general proximity of an active hose in community run. Also, Roman was initially very anxious and resistant to body handling, specifically being placed on his side. Roman bonded very quickly and strongly with his primary Instructor, and he was initially vocal (barking, whining) in the kennel for attention. As time passed and with supportive handling, Roman settled in and showed marked improvement in all of the areas mentioned above. Despite his slow adjustment in some areas, Roman interacted well with his roommate and all the dogs he played with in community run.
In formal training, Roman proved to be a willing, food motivated learner. He tried hard to please and tended to put a lot of pressure on himself to do the right thing. Despite his willing temperament, Roman displayed discomfort with various stimuli in the environment and some tasks that were asked of him. This unease was observed with objects in the environment, some noises, while passing through doorways, with surfaces, stairs, and while riding in the training van (both in and out of the van crates). While Roman made progress in some areas, his generalized concern of the environment has led to his release from our program. There is no doubt Roman will be a fun pet dog and he will be remembered fondly by our staff.

BEH: Fearful Behavior Environment Generalized

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